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WrapAround Rural Housing First

What is WrapAround?

WrapAround is an individualized planning process aimed at helping individuals and/or families create strategies to meet their housing needs. WrapAround believes that housing is a basic life necessity and meeting housing needs first promotes a harm reduction approach to recovery and other personal/medical/life issues.

The process helps the individual and/or family build on their strengths while connecting them with their community through available resources.

The case manager encourages self sufficiency by assisting the participant in identifying and problem solving around their needs and barriers as well as offering life skills and eviction prevention skills to promote housing stability.

Who Can Participate?

Service is offered in the rural and remote areas of Prince Edward Island including Rural Queens County, Kings County, and East Prince County.

Those experiencing relative or absolute homelessness or other housing issues such as eviction or inadequate housing.

WrapAround Housing First Staff

Contact Information

Call: 902-569-7682